By John Smith posted July 20, 2016

Automatic gate and door

Every building and household utilize a number of openings in different positions: swing and sliding doors, shutters, garage door and automated gates.

These doors and gates can be controlled from anywhere in the world. When automated, the connected motors can open and close the door very easily in a wireless manner.Also, there will be a provision for object detection along the path. 

Key features-
-Compact design
-Operated with battery during the power outage.
-This system is suitable for any kind of doors and gates.
-Can be controlled with both remote and handphones.

Automatic faucet controller

The basic part of the Letmac faucet controller is the master controller which determines the opening of the valve.

The IR sensor continuously monitors the obstacles in front of the faucet. If we place the hand in front of the faucet, automatically activates the hydraulic valve which will provide the water.

Key features-

-Operated with battery during a power outage.
-Can be connected to the existing system.
-.Compact design
-The adjustable timing for water flow.

Door sensors

No more worrying about your open door and windows; Our magnetic door sensor continuously monitors your door and window status during secure mode and sends an alert regarding the status with an alarm if it open.

Key features-

-Wireless device
-Operated with battery during the power outage.
-Compact design
-Consume less power

Curtain control

We introduce Automatic curtain control mechanism to control your curtains without effort from your sofa. There will be a standby system to feed the system at the time of power failure. It can be also used in the manual mode.

Key features-

-Quiet operation.
-Can be operated manually at the time of power outage.
-Less power consumption.
-Ends switch limits the operation
Effortless movement.

Motion sensors

Our sophisticated sensor would send the response from the protected area like entrance every time a motion is detected in the secure mode, letting you know of a potential threat you home may face. Our intelligent controller would respond during sensor tampering as well as during losing of connectivity.

If a person comes in front of your home during the night (secure mode), the light will on and informs the owner.

Key features-

-Compact design
-Will respond even during power outage.
-If a human activity detected during secure mode it will immediately respond Less power consumption

Video door phones

Would like to check who’s at your door before opening it ?..Don’t want to trust any other person with your keys when on a vacation. We have an ultimate solution for that.

Letmac video door phones will show you the person in front of your home. When a human detected in front of your door, Letmac's embedded security system will inform you to switch on your mobile for the live streaming.

Key features-

-Check the status at any time.
-Obtain live feed from your door through the camera using your handset
-.Communicate with your visitor from your phone anywhere from the world.
-Lock/Unlock your door using your phone. 

Digital door locks

Feel difficult every night to close your door? The ultimate solution is here. Letmac innovations introduce handset based door lock system.
The electromagnet based door lock placed on the door plays the role for closing and opening. Just phone your door to close as well as for open.

Key features-

-Compact design
-Less power consumption
-Easy usage.
- 4digit pin access/ Biometric access/RFID access.
-More secure locking system.
-Can be installed along with the existing lock.
-Alert during entry/incorrect pin during secure mode. 

Light and fan control

Letmac lighting control provides an easy way to control the AC electric device like Light, Fan, Refrigerator etc. in a wireless manner. The medium we have used here is the radio frequency.

Thereby we can control the equipment on next floor also. The remote to control the equipment can be used as the Keychain due to its compact size.

Key features-

-The Receiver can control multiple types of equipment. Hence we can reduce the cost.
-Compact size
-Less power consumption
-The range of control is high.

Perimeter sensor

It is designed in such a way as to provide reliable perimeter security both indoors and outdoors. In the case of outdoor security, the sensor continuously monitors the boundaries of the building.

When a person crosses that boundaries, it will inform using alarms.Letmac's intelligent perimeter sensors detect cut a fence or attempt to climb. It will also function even during power outage.

Key features-

-Compact design.
-Alarm, message notifications.
-Functions during power failure also.
-Backup supply available.

Sprinkler control

In the busy life, there is no time to pour the plants periodically. Letmac innovations introduce the cheapest solution for that. Automatic water sprinkler monitors the moisture content of the soil.

If the water content of the soil is below a predetermined level, it will inform the controller to pour water and stops feeding after the soil gets wet. Highly efficient 12 V hydraulic valves do the remaining job.

Key features-

-Accurate moisture sensing.
-Less power consumption.
-Fully automatic.
-Compact size.

Entrance management

Using a SAMSUNG mini remote you can invite your guests from the door. Just click on the remote to open/close the door from anywhere in the house.

Key features-


CCTV Camera

In modern times safety is the most important things to consider. With the developing technology, Srvillance cameras are the best solution for it. The available CCTV cameras are.
-Dome CCTV Camera.
-Bullet CCTV Camera.
-C-Mount CCTV Camera.
-Day/Night CCTV Camera.
-Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera. 
-Network/IP CCTV Camera. 
-Wireless CCTV Camera. 
-High-Definition HD CCTV Camera.

Gas leakage detection

Letmac innovations introduce intelligent LPG leakage detector. The gas sensor continuously monitors the gas surrounding it with great accuracy. If the air is contaminated with LPG, it will inform the owner by an alarm.

LPG detector is available in full option mode also. In full option mode, the detector switches off all the electrical apparatus in the house at the initial leakage stage (ie) before the spreading of the gas. Also, it will communicate with owner wirelessly through radio frequency.

The detector can be placed anywhere on the kitchen wall. But it is better to place the detector on the wall near the gas cylinder and stove. 

Occupancy alert

It will just indicate the occupancy in the bathroom through a light indicator.

Water pump control

Our mission is to invent energy efficient products at affordable price. The specialty of this controller from that of the other is, it will consume energy only when the water goes below a particular level.

During normal situation, technically it will be dead, that is it will not consume any power from the supply. When the water level goes beyond a predetermined level only, it will trigger the system, and then it consumes energy from the supply. But the amount of consumption is very less.

Key features-

- Less power consumption
-Compact design.
-Active only during water outage. Other systems always active to check the water level.

Panic alert

Normally panic alert systems are placed in the kitchen as well as in the hall. The system consists of mainly fire detectors and gas detectors. During the emergency situation like fire, gas leakage, it will give emergency alert to the owner.

Key features-

-Detectors will be placed on each and every portion of the building for the extra security.
-The backup power supply is available.
-Alarm facility available.

Glass break detection

Glass break sensors are the part of the advanced embedded security system. It can be able to find the breakage of glass at any instant. The associated control system will switch on the lights and gives the alert to the owner using radio frequency transmitter.