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70 % of our earth is covered with water, out of which only one percentage of water is available for human consumption. Increasing population leads to increasing the water demands,it is expected to climb 50% from 2017 to 2025.

So we have to reduce wastage of water while washing,showering,bathing etc. Only one solution for this problem is the automation.It is very costly to buy an automatic tap from the market since it is available only in readymade mode along with the wash basin. We introduce an alternate solution for that.

The basic part of the Letmac faucet controller is the master controller which determines the opening of the valve.The IR sensor continuously monitors the obstacles in front of the faucet. If we place the hand in front of the faucet, automatically activates the hydraulic valve which will provide the water.

You can also set the duration of water flow. The advantages of Letmac faucet controller is that it can be installed on the existing water tap also.

Key features-
-Operated with battery during power outage.
-Can be connected to the existing system.
-.Compact design
-Adjustable timing for water flow..